Toolkit Contents

  • 1

    What's in the Content 10x Toolkit?

    • How to Use The Content 10x Toolkit

  • 2

    Welcome to the Toolkit!

    • A message from Amy Woods

  • 3

    Podcast Planning

    • Step-by-Step Guide for Setting-up Your Podcast

    • How to Write Show Notes for Your Podcast Episode

    • How to Repurpose Your Podcast Episodes into a Blog Post

    • Blog Post Template

    • How to Repurpose Your Podcast Episode Into an Email

    • Email Template

    • SEO Guide

    • SEO Checklist

    • How to Create Audiograms

    • How to Create a Podcast Video Trailer

    • One Podcast, One Month's Content

  • 4

    Video Planning

    • How to Create Video Teasers & Trailers

    • How to Extract Audio From Live Video & Pre-Recorded

    • How to Repurpose Horizontal Videos into Vertical Videos

    • How to Burn Captions on to Videos

    • Video Captions Checklist

    • Anatomy of a Video Thumbnail

    • Planning Guide for Going Live on Social Media

    • Editing Live Footage for YouTube or a Podcast Episode

    • How to Create GIFs

    • How to Write Effective Show Notes for YouTube or a Video Post

    • Video Show Notes Template

  • 5

    Social Media Planning

    • Guide for Writing Social Copy

    • Anatomy of a Facebook Post

    • Anatomy of an Instagram Post

    • Anatomy of a LinkedIn Post

    • Anatomy of a Twitter Post

    • How to Create Quote Graphics

    • A Guide to Using Hashtags

    • Hashtag Checklist

    • Repurposing Your Horizontal Videos for Social Media

  • 6


    • A Guide to Creating SlideShare Presentations

    • SlideShare Checklist

    • Repurposable Content - The Ultimate Checklist

    • The Simple Guide to Getting Started With Video on LinkedIn

    • The Ultimate Checklist to Repurpose Your Speech for Social Media

    • The Ultimate Guide to Impactful Video Interviews